RAH Foundation’s mission is to provide accessible, science-based sexual health education, including STD and child sexual abuse prevention services that respect the rights and privacy of individuals living in developing nations. By providing awareness programs and confidential access to multilingual medical and social service experts, RAH empowers people to make healthy decisions about their own wellbeing.







RAH Foundation envisions a world where all children, adolescents and adults have access to age-appropriate, respectful and confidential sexual health information and care. Through education and access, we aim to build a world where individuals around the globe are empowered to eradicate incidents of STD infection and child sexual abuse, as well as prevent epidemics.







Science-based Practices: Our work is based on solid, science-driven knowledge.

Dignity and the Right to Privacy: We honor human dignity and respect confidentiality and privacy.

Cultural Sensitivity: We respect the social, cultural and religious contexts of local and global communities.

Authenticity: Our words and actions reflect the very best of our knowledge.

Accountability: We always follow through and stand behind our words and actions.

Transparency: Our decisions, financial position and guidelines will be open to the public and shared in a timely manner.






Interactive, private, non-judgmental online and onsite  resources, including

– Ctrl+S website (

– Hide & Seek website (

– Social media outlets

   – Instagram: Dr.Taaj, ghayembashak

   – Facebook: CtrlSTD, HideSeekbaShak

   – Twitter: Ctrl_STD

   – Telegram: CtrlS

– On-site educational and interactive workshops on STDs, reproductive health, feminine hygiene and child sexual abuse prevention.






Establish specialized, sexual health clinics in developing nations in the Middle East and North African regions (MENA) which provide:

– Education for diagnosed individuals about their infection and treatment.

– Instruction on how to maintain healthy sexual relationships and mitigate the spread of infections.

– Free prophylactics and other preventive products.

– Anonymous screening processes for individuals who have engaged in risky sexual behavior.

– Screening and consultation prior to marriage.

– Pre-pregnancy and post-delivery consultation for females diagnosed with STDs.

– Vaccinations for preventable STDs, such as HPV and Hepatitis B.

– Comprehensive treatment for STD patients of all ages.

– Anonymous reporting of STD cases to patients’ partner(s) by trained clinicians.

– Rape Emergency Consultation, including STD screening, psychological and post-stress/trauma support, HIV treatment and legal advice.

– Temporary shelter and care for victims of rape, abuse, or other severe sexual trauma.

– Advocacy programs to promote policies that reduce incidents and spread of STDs, such as mandatory vaccinations against preventable infections and increased access to education and prevention.